About CCRD

CENTRE FOR CHILD RIGHTS AND DEVELOPMENT – “a journey with and for children


We envision a New World Order ensuring “First Call for Children and The Best Interest of Children”


Advocacy and Social Mobilisation to Promote and Protect Children’s Rights as enshrined in the Indian Constitution and UNCRC.

CCRD, an organization based in Chennai has been functioning as a Resource Centre on Child Rights in Tamil Nadu –INDIA, since the year 2000 with a mission to play a supportive role to NGOs, Campaigns & Networks of Child Rights and the Government by providing Capacity Enhancement Trainings along with documentation and information dissemination services. CCRD has direct field based programmes both urban and rural in Tamil Nadu to empower children from marginalized communities. CCRD organizes and participates in advocacy programmes both at the State and National-level together with other NGO’s and Networks for influencing public policy and law to be in the best interest of children.

Constituency of the organisation

  • Children
  • NGO’s, CBO’s, Dalit & Women’s Organisation
  • Teachers Associations, Local bodies representatives & Trade Unions
  • Regional and National Networks and Campaigns on Child Rights issues
  • Government Agencies – NHRC, SHRC, NWC-UN Agencies, UNICEF & ILO
  • Academic Institutions & Media

Programme Highlights

  • Resource Centre
  • Direct Field based Interventions


Centre for Child Rights and Development -CCRD works towards the promotion and protection of rights of all children and aims to look at the child in an integrated manner within the framework of the Constitution of India, and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, which India ratified in 1992.To carry forward its mandate CCRD undertakes Capacity building, documentation with information dissemination through various forms of publications, campaign and advocacy to influence policy and law. CCRD works as a resource and support base for NGOS working with and for children at the grassroots level.

  1. Capability Enhancement Trainings
    • Issue based Regional – Level Training for NGO’s Field Staff
    • Training for Facilitating Empowerment Programme for Children
    • Training for Elected Representatives of Local Bodies
    • Training Programme for Students of Law and Social Work
    • Training for NGOs on Special Invitation and Request
    • Child Rights Approach training for partner organizations
    • Training on Child Protection Policy for stakeholders
  2. Documentation & Information Dissemination
    • Half Yearly Newsletter / Magazine on Children’s issues in Tamil Nadu
    • Translation of Important Policy documents, Articles, Government orders etc pertaining to children.
    • Dossier on Sectoral issues concerning children
    • Production and Distribution of Poster series on specific issues of children
    • Compilation – guide books and manuals
    • Translation
  3. Fact- findings/ Legal Intervention


CCRD has direct field-based interventions in

  • Thirukazhikundram & Thiruporur block, Chengalpet District (20 villages)
  • Poondi block, Thiruvallur district (15 Villages)

To enable children from marginalized families to access health and educational facilities. Empowerment of children is facilitated by the formation of village-level children’s association and their protection is being ensured through a process of community level social mobilization and formation of Village level Child Protection Committee’s – VCPC’s.


  • Children both school-going and working
  • Parents, Youth and Community at large
  • Women and Adolescent Girls

Activities / Programmes

  1. Programmes with Children (Right Holders)
    • Children Activity Centre
    • Computer Skill Training
    • Formation of Children’s Collective
    • Summer Camps for children
    • Children’s Theatre
    • Life Skills Education for Adolescent Children
  1. Programmes with Community (Duty Bearers)
    • Formation of Village-level Child Protection Committees – VCPCS.
    • Identification, nurturing and training of child friendly families within the community to provide temporary foster care/shelter for children at high risk.
    • Empowerment of children at risk families with appropriately specified support.
    • Building alliances and linkages with the existing women SHG’s, youth and CBO’s within the community.